Alesta Marine is a family founded company with three generations of seamanship. In the 2000s, with the growth of tourism in Turkey, our company started its activities in the sector of water sports and, considering a great demand for such entertainment, has continued to invest and grow in this sector. After commercial parasailing business became popular in the world, Alesta Marine  became very successful in the area.

Previously operating in the sectors of water sports and wooden craft production, our company moved to the international market in 2013 by taking the name of Alesta Marine.  Alesta Marine offers opportunities for investors in the parasailing business to purchase  the  boats and all the necessary equipment that perfectly meet customer’s needs. Besides Alesta Marine can train a team of the client , as well as provide detailed information on the parasailing business. Having an experience as a parasailing boat captain Evren Engin works with team that has 20 years’ experience in the sector.

In 2017, Alesta Marine established ''Beach Masters" trademark to produce commercial water sports equipment to meet the needs of commercial water sports. Alesta Marine designs and manufactures many kinds of water sports equipment such as commercial inflatable tubes, wakeboards, water skis, life jackets and SUP under the Beach Masters trade mark within its own structure and exports them to the whole world.

Alesta Marine today, building fiber glass boats on manufacturing plant in Marmaris also sells all kinds of boat equipment and accessories, water sports equipment and sport fishing equipments in Antalya showroom. Our company thinks that the best reference is ''satisfied customer''. Our products are exported to many countries of the world because of the quality and services we provide to our customers. Some of these countries: Japan, South Korea, France, Greece, Ukraine, Malta, Maldives, Dubai (UAE), Pakistan, Georgia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and Turkmenistan.