Beach Masters Ballerina 10 Person Spinning Towable Tube for Commercial Water Sports

We are proud to present you Beach Masters Ballerina spinning towable tube with a 10 person  capacity! As an alternative to standard towables used in water sports for many years, newly designed Beach Masters Ballerina can add up an innovation to your towable tubes with a capacity of 10 person. Thanks to the patented stainless steel chrome bearing located in the center of the bottom of Ballerina, it makes possible for this large ringo with a capacity of 10 people to rotate. When you ride Ballerina straight, tube will not spin and then when you start to maneuver the boat, ballerina starts spinning. And by this sistem, the rotation speed of the tube will be controlled by the person who uses the boat. 

Beach Masters Ballerina spinning towable tube, which brings high profitability with its 10 people capacity, is ideal for crowded groups who want to do water sports. Roll angle of the 5m diameter towable tube can be adjusted by changing the pressure of the middle tube by means of double valve inflating system. You need at least 150HP or higher engine power in order to be able to pull 10 person groups.  

Heavy duty series Ballerina is specifically designed for commercial water sports, it is made of 1000 Denier extra reinforced PVC fabric. This inflatable towable tube is produced by using the same fabric as used for inflatable boats, it can be repaired easily in case of damage. Extra strengthened handles provide high adhesion resistance. The optimized new mid-tube provides fuel savings and optimum spin performance. Please contact us for more detailed information about Beach Masters Ballerina 10P prices.

Dimensions : 500 X 500 CM
Seating Capacity : 10-12 Person
Tube Diameter : 106 CM
Tube Material : 1000D
Weight : 100 KG
Colors: Red - White - Blue
Duty : Commercial Heavy Duty
Warranty : 1 Year

Beach Masters is commercial water sports equipment manufacturer in Turkey. Main products are commercial towable tubes for commercial water sports, wakeboards, waterskis, and all kind of water sports equipment.