Beach Masters Heavy Duty Series Big King 6P Towable Tubes for Commercial Water Sports

Beach Masters Big King is ready to entertain your customers with inflatable towable tube for 6 persons! With the development of commercial water sports industry, the products produced in standard quality did not meet the expectations of water sportsmen and created a need for heavy-duty commercial water sports products. We, as water sports operators, have seen this need in the sector and produced heavy-duty towable tubes for water sports and we offer it to you. 

Beach Masters Big King towable tube for 6 person, you will increase profitability of your water sports business! Thanks to its 6-person capacity which increase your commercial profitability by loading more passengers and spending the same fuel than other products. Heavy duty series towable tubes are made of double layer 840 Denier nylon fabric specially produced for commercial water sports. Double layer 840 Denier nylon fabric contains a more solid structure than a single layer 1680 Denier fabric. Inner parts are made of 36G PVC material. These specifications are the thickest and most robust materials that can be used in the commercial towable inflatable industry. Bottom side of Big King 6P is coated with PVC tarpaulin, flat and slippery fabric. Friction is reduced by this special coated fabric and it can easily slip on the water. As a result, reducing the load is saving fuel.
Beach Masters Heavy Duty Series Big King product is used with a 4-point strap system. Due to this system, the pressure on the fabric of the ring is reduced and the service life of the product is extended. Beach Masters Big King with new generation design, beautiful colors and high backrest is ideal for those who don't want to fall off. For a crazy fun, just skip over it and hold on tight! Please contact us to get information about commercial towable tube prices.

Dimensions : 310 X 310 CM
Seating Capacity : 6 Person
Cover : 1680D (Double Layered 840D)
Inner Tube : 36G - K80 PVC
Bottom Tarpaulin : 1000D
Towing Connection: 7 Points
Duty : Commercial Heavy Duty
Warranty : 1 Year

Beach Masters is commercial water sports equipment manufacturer in Turkey. Main products are commercial towable tubes for commercial water sports, wakeboards, waterskis, and all kind of water sports equipment.