Beach Masters Heavy Duty Series G-Force 4P Towable Tube for Commercial Water Sports
Make the most exciting water sports activity with 4 rider capacity towable tube Beach Masters G-Force! With the development of the commercial water sports industry standard quality products do not meet the expectations of water sportsmen and heavy duty commercial need for water sports products is revealed.  Heavy duty series towable tubes are fully covered with double layered 840-denier nylon fabric which was specially produced for commercial water sports. Inner sides are made of 36G PVC material. These thicknesses are the maximum thicknesses that can be used in the commercial water sports industry. For the G-Force 4P bottom was used flat and slippery fabric coated with PVC tarpaulin.  Due to this special coated fabric the friction is reduced and G-Force can easily glide on the water. As a result, reducing the load is saving fuel.

Beach Masters Heavy Duty Series G-Force 4-rider towable tube is designed using a three-point strap system. With this system, the load on the fabric of the ring is reduced, and increases the service life of the product. Due to the quick connection tool, you can quickly and easily tow the tube with your boat. Beach Masters G-Force 4P commercial towable tube is designed as a flat bed with a new generation design and beautiful colors. 4 people are lying face down next to each other holding the handles. When you perform a sharp turn to tow the towable tube from the boat, customers get the effect of G-Force and jump up, then falling back onto the tube, so the action takes place. G-Force commercial towable tube is one of the most preferred commercial water sports activity by extreem and adrenaline lovers. For a crazy fun just skip over and hold on tight!

Dimensions : 244 X 230 CM
Seating Capacity : 4 Person
Cover : 1680D (Double Layered 840D)
Inner Tube : 36G - K80 PVC
Bottom Tarpaulin : 1000D
Towing Connection: 3 Points
Duty : Commercial Heavy Duty
Warranty : 1 Year

Beach Masters is commercial water sports equipment manufacturer in Turkey. Main products are commercial towable tubes for commercial water sports, wakeboards, waterskis, and all kind of water sports equipment.