Inflatable Open Sea Water Parks

Inflatable Water Parks are divided into two: for sea and pool. Water parks on the sea can be installed in front of the hotels, public beaches or beach clubs. Sea water parks are designed modular, the smallest track can start from 20 people capacity and the largest track model can be up to 200 people. Some parts can be added or removed upon request. We offer a free introduction service to recommend the water park the best suits your needs and conditions. 

Inflatable water parks, which are located on the sea, usually have an operation and ticket sales point on the beach. At the point of sale, customers pay a fee for the time they stay at the water park and a wristband is attached to the customer's arm and a life jacket is worn. Your customer is now ready to have a wild fun at the water park. A lifeguard always keeps an eye on the safety of your customers.

Water parks are loved by children and young people. Water parks are not just for children, but also for families who want to share this fun with them. Since the sea water parks are inflatable, they can be aired and stored easily at the end of the season. Investing in inflatable water parks is a very profitable business. To get detailed information about water parks and inflatable sea water parks, please contact us.

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