Parasailing Winch Systems

Parasailing winch system is one of the most important equipment on a parasailing boat. It is critically important that it works properly, reliable and robust. With over 20 years of experience in the production of parasailing winch systems and our unique design and engineering, we produce the most robust and quality hydraulic parasailing winches in the world at affordable prices. The winding shaft of our parasailing winch system is made of heavy-duty steel, unlike the yellow metal used by other competitors. The winding shaft is first processed in the CNC machine and then heat-treated for further strengthening. Heat-treated steel is further strengthened and transformed into heavy-duty steel. In this way, we still have trouble-free parasail winch systems working for over 6000 hours. While the winding shift of competitor companies can only work for 1500 hours, our system has managed to exceed for 4 times.

Hydraulic parasailing winch system is one of the most important equipment in parasailing boat. We design our parasailing winch system by the most skilled mechanical engineers and produce it using the highest quality and most accurate materials. Our efficient and trouble-free parasailing winch systems are the most preferred winch system in the world because of the best price  and performance.

Our hydraulic parasailing winch system can be easily connected to many inboard diesel and gasoline engines by using an intelligent adapter. Many parasailing boats in the Far East are used with outboard engines. To operate our parasailing winch system on such boats requires an extra gasoline or diesel engine. In such applications, we have direct PTO or cardan shaft application solutions to connect engine to the hydraulic system.
You ll need a parachute tow rope between 200 and 400 meters long. According to your preference, we can adjust the thickness of your parachute tow rope to 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12mm. Please contact us to learn more about our parasailing winch system and to learn parasailing winch system prices.

Working Pressure : 110 bar
Drum Speed : 150 RPM
Torque : 42Kg/m
Weight : 290 KG
PTO : Opsiyonel
Drum Capacity : 200m-400m
Rope Dia: 8mm-9mm-10mm-11mm-12mm
Building Material : Galvanised Hard Steel

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