Parachutes - Parasails

Choosing parachutes in parasailing business is very important. Selecting the appropriate parasails according to your local circumstances saves your money and fuel. Therefore, first of all, we would like to know your local wind conditions, customer portfolio and weight limits and then we recommend the most suitable parasails for you.

Alesta Marine parasails start from 28 FT to 44FT. According to the local wind conditions, small parasails usually used in windy places and large parasails should be used in places with low speed wind. A parasailing operator must have several different parasails in areas where wind often varies, which is an important requirement for safety. We can produce 16 panels parasail model or 20 panels parasail models according to your wishes. For both models, we have mold models in the specified FT range.

Parasail fabrics are made of 6.6 ripstop nylon yarns and silicone coated on both sides of the fabric to prevent air penetration. The silicone coating also protects the parachute fabric against the corrosive chemical reactions of salt water. Parasail fabrics are stained with UV doped pigments to avoid fading under the sun.

We use 2 different quality parasails fabrics to produce parasails suitable for different budgets. The thickness of our standard series fabric is 1.6 oz and the average service life is 2500 flights and more. The thickness of our professional series fabric is 1.3 oz and provides an extra lightness. The average life of our parasail parachutes made from our professional series fabric varies according to the usage and is approximately for 5000 flights and more.

For all our parasails parachute models we make special color selection and logo design. You can advertise your own company with a logo work on your parasail or to minimize your parasail costs you can find a sponsor and advertise its logo. We produce your parasails orders within 1 week and send them at the most cost-effective way using the fastest cargoes all over the world. Please contact us for parachute sizes and parasail prices.


Wind Speed (Min-Max)

Weight (Min-Max)


28 FT

19-32 Km/h

45-160 Kg


High Wind

30 FT

19-27 Km/h

50-182 Kg


High Wind

32 FT

16-24 Km/h

54-165 Kg


High-Middle Wind

34 FT

11-19 Km/h

62-215 Kg


Middle Wind

36 FT

11-17 Km/h

67-242 Kg


Middle Wind

38 FT

10-15 Km/h

72-249 Kg


Middle-Low Wind

40 FT

8-12 Km/h

75-280 Kg


Low Wind

42 FT

0-12 Km/h

80-295 Kg


Low Wind

44 FT

0-10 Km/h

80-305 Kg


Low Wind

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